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THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the club will take place on the 24th November.

A reminder of rule 9,

Any member desirous of moving any resolution at the AGM shall give notice thereof in writing to the Secretary not less then three weeks before the date of such AGM and shell include a copy. You will be advised of the final details at a later date.


There are still raffle tickets available for the Book donated by the author John Bailie. in the suite, don miss out. The draw will take place at the AGM on 24th November.


We still have a small number of Bamber cars for sale in the Suite, at the unbelievably low price of just £5. We have Super Aguri, B.M.W. Sauber and Spyker.


The Photo shows 3 friends who drew the first 3 finishers in one of the World superbike sweeps.



Each year we present the medical centre with medical equipment financed from our Welfare Fund
The medical staff requested the following, A Fujifilm IP Cassette type Imaging Plate for x-raying hands and finger, CDs. And a battery for the Defibrillator.


A little coincidence

When recently speaking to Alasdair Coates who won our DPRAC trophy last year he told me a little story about said trophy. He was at a sports event in Edinburgh where the guest speaker was 4 time indycar champion and formula E pundit Dario Francetti and after the main event he got talking motor stuff to Dario. During the conversation Alasdair told him that he had won our trophy this triggered something in Darios mind and asked Alasdair what the trophy looked like whereupon he showed him a picture of his trophy and Dario then pointed out to Alasdair the winners name back in 1994 which was one DARIO FRANCETTI! Dario was very pleased to see that the trophy was still being presented and he said he knew of our club and was also pleased to hear we were still going strong. Small world isn't it.
Bryn Smith ex club car trophy secretary.


A letter printed in the 'DONINGTON PARK RACING ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER NO.1' From Roger Brownson Manager of the Donington Collection.

Dear Members,
It was late in 1972 when we decided to forge ahead and open the Donington Collection in March of the following year, and it was at about the same time that my employer Tom Wheatcroft had a phone call from Sid Bates, who introduced himself as the local Castle Donington Butcher. Sid asked Tom if he would mind he and some friends organising a local petition in support of the resumption of racing at Donington Park in response to a noisy but small local faction who were against it. Tom was surprised and delighted, and naturally said that he didn't mind at all - he wasn't going to turn down some unsolicited support......So Sid and his group comprising of Muriel Tomlinson (the local post lady at the time) Jack Hodges and his brother Bill, who both had been Donington Park Supporters pre '39 Martin Hexter (a keen motor racing enthusiast, and now our subscription Secretary),organised a petition off their own bats and received overwhelming support for the resumption of racing in the local Park. The figures were approximately 2,000 in favour with a mere 160 against in Castle Donington village itself, and it was notable that most of the "PROS" Had been born and bred in the area whilst most of "ANTI" minority group were incomers to Donington.

This being the forerunner to the official Referendum.

Extracts from the local paper dated 4/4/74
'A banner supporting the return of motor racing at Donington Park was waved at the annual Castle Donington parish meeting, when supporters and protesters of the scheme clashed. After some heated exchanges it was ruled that a public referendum be held to decide the matter locally, and plans are going ahead now for this.


The picture shows one of the original members, Ken Heywood with the latest new members the BLT lads, who are local lads from Shepshed who are seen all over the bike world dressed in their Union Jack outfits representing this country, at Moto GP, W.S.B.K. and at B.S.A. events and also do a lot of work helping riders with sponsorship etc.

Ken Heywood was one of the members who set the club up to help Tom Weatcroft get the circuit up and running. Is still seen around the paddock helping out at motorbike talking to riders and teams, he is still involved Buildbase Suzuki in B.S.B. and pops up in to the club suite to talk to members old and new.
Colin Harrison.


Pat Fairfield was a South African who came to England in the early 1930's intent in getting into motor racing and set up a motor business so that his father would approve of his motor racing, as a means of promoting the business! During 1934 he was a regular computer at Brocklands in a Freddie Dixon Riley, apparently earning the nickname "Skider". He later raced the first privateer ERA (originally 1100 cc, later 1500cc) with some success, before joining the works ERA team. 1935 was a good year for Fairfield, when he won the Dieppe Grand Prix, the Mannin Begb race in the Isle of man and the Record holders Handicap at Brooklands, as well as the Nuffield Trophy at Donington. The following season he was less successful, apparently suffering a good deal of mechanical trouble; he missed the 1936 Donington Grand Prix, as he was in America, In 1937 he again won the Nuffield Trophy at Donington, but shortly afterwards he was killed at le Mans.

The monument at Donnington was erected by the BRDC. It was personally sculpted by Prince Birabongse of Thailand, himself a famous racing driver (competing as "B. Bira"), and a good friend and admirer of Fairfield's. Lord Howe unveiled the Memorial.

Also in the same area there were other memorials which are now located outside the marshals Headquarters. One of which was for a marshal, Paul Welch who was killed on duty at the circuit. The memorial was commissioned and maintain by the DPRAC.

Tony Gamble club secretary.

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