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The Donington Park Racing Association Club was formed in 1973 to support Tom Wheatcroft's campaign to bring back motor racing to Britain's first road racing circuit, Donington Park, which had been host to the famous 1937 and 1938 Grand Prix events. During the war Donington was used by the War Office as a vehicle depot and was finally abandoned in 1956. Following his purchase of the circuit, Tom faced strong opposition from the local community and authorities, which prompted the formation of the Club by those who wanted to see motor racing return to Donington Park once more.

Tom finally achieved his goal in 1977, but, rather than simply disbanding, the members decided that the DPRAC should live on in the form of an independent supporters' club, run by the members themselves through an elected committee. Nowadays members enjoy a number of discounts and concessions, for example reduced entry cost on selected racedays, discounts on other circuit activities such as racing tuition, and reductions at some local businesses.


or join on the day in our new suites 20 & 21 in the paddock.


Donington Park Racing Association Club